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Domestic & International Move Management Programs

move management

Whether moving employees within the U.S. or globally, All Relocation Services will design a Move Management program to suit your company’s objectives.

Like all of the services offered by All Relocation Services, our Move Management programs are completely customized to fit each individual client and their unique business goals. We are happy to provide our move management services in conjunction with any and all of our relocation solutions, or as a stand-alone service.

Our Move Management Programs are designed to ensure that each employee and family has the best relocation service and experience possible. We accomplish this with our hands-on approach that starts with a single point of contact for you and your relocating employee/family.

We diligently coordinate, manage, and monitor all aspects of the move from start to finish.

  • Initial Call: Our dedicated counselor will begin the process by capturing the employee’s information, specifications, and requires through an in-depth analysis. This analysis allows the counselor to perform proactively throughout the move process.
  • Carrier Selection: We evaluate the parameters and requirements of each individual move and select a carrier from our strictly vetted network of van line partners that best fit the transportation needs. We emphasize the use of our partner power lanes and require 100% self-haul of our shipments.
  • Cost Avoidance Measures:  We closely monitor all moving costs to ensure that you are receiving the most cost effective service. You will only be charged for services that are required for the safe movement of your shipments.
  • Transit Time Management:  We work closely with our moving partners to minimize the transit time for all shipments and manage the delivery spread to ensure for reduced transit times and timely delivery.
  • Invoice Auditing: We stringently and impartially audit all invoices, with our two-step process. All discrepancies are reconciled prior to releasing your invoice.
  • Insurance & Claims:  Even under the best circumstances, accidents sometimes happen. We provide full replacement coverage which includes pairs and sets and mechanical derangement coverage, or you can opt for van line valuation coverage on domestic van line shipments. International shipments are covered with full value replacement cost insurance. We will monitor the claims process to ensure an expedient claim settlement process.
  • Specialized Transportation Services: We also provide for the movement of specialty items such as automobiles, boats, fine art, wine, taxidermy, and other valuable items. Your family’s pets will be cared for as if they are our own.