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Proactive and Personalized communication is the key

to service excellence


Question: How does All Relocation differentiate from the other companies in the relocation industry?  
 Answer: Constant, consistent and timely communication with all parties involved, whether it’s the client, relocating employee, and service partner
Here is how we achieve this quality results:
  • Our consultants return phone calls and emails within 1 hour
  • Initial contact is made within 2 hours of receipt of an authorization
  • Our consultants are available in the evenings and on the weekends
  • All phone conversations are recapped in an email follow up
  • Capped consultant caseloads encourage live conversations
  • Our consultants are the point of contact for the family, the client contact, and the service partner
  • We average 32 touch points per relocation
 You deserve the quality!

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