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Technology Solutions

Technology Solutions

Our technology provides the infrastructure to oversee your relocation program status and relocation spend.

Relo-Insight reports real-time relocation status and spend on all of the services being provided to your relocating employee. All pertinent conversations whether by email or phone are documented in Relo-Insight. The system houses all relocation expenses for informational and reporting purposes, your data is available to you when you need it. It also serves as a management oversight tool and for the transferee and family it is a status update source.

Relo-Insight serves as All Relocation Services proprietary technology infrastructure, data, metric and reporting source.

Some of the key benefits of All Relocation Services’ technology includes:

  • Proprietary Web-Based Technology
  • Data Analytics
  • Real-Time Reporting
  • Custom and Standard Reporting
  • Smart Phone Enabled
  • Reporting outputs available in Microsoft Excel, PDF, HTML, and CSV